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Every day, billions of animals are abused and mistreated. Pigs are gassed, chicks are ground up alive, and cows are forcefully impregnated only to have their babies stolen from them.

Animals are sentient. They feel pain, they suffer, and they are individuals that each have a unique subjective experience. It is a moral imperative that we end animal cruelty to the greatest extent possible, or at the very least not be the cause of it. Being educated about the oppression animals face is crucial to the fight against animal cruelty.

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We are a network of animal rights activists in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and surrounding areas that work with organizations such as Animal Activism Mentorship, Anonymous for the Voiceless, Plant Based Treaty, Project Animal Freedom, Slaughter Free Network, and more to end all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty.

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Looking to go vegan? It's much easier than you think! We have a vegan starter kit, a list of our favorite activists, and a list of local sanctuaries.


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