About Us


SWOARN was founded when several activists came together to realize that we needed a centralized and efficient way of doing activism in the Southwestern Ohio area. We started from a scattered bunch of individual activists and formed a cohesive entity to help facilitate activism with all people who wish to participate in activism in the area.


SWOARN is a non-profit network of people who speak out against injustice and fight for animal rights. Anybody can participate in SWOARN activities, with the only precursor being a feeling of compassion and empathy for all sentient beings and a desire to effect change on how we treat others who may not look or sound the same as we do.

Meet the founders

Aashish Bharadwaj

Aashish is a software developer, STEM nerd, and philosophy enthusiast, and the web developer for SWOARN. Aashish's has an innate sense of justice that guides all actions and moral principles. Aashish is also a firm believer that all sentient beings, from crustaceans to future advanced AI, deserve fundamental rights.

Aashish with a sign that says 'Fur is dead'
Aashish at fur-free Friday rally; Montgomery, OH"
Adam at Ohio Occurrence speaking into a megaphone
Adam at Ohio Occurrence; Cincinnati, OH

Adam Snow

Adam Snow works in the IT field as a Cloud Solutions Architect, has a love of superhero movies and comic books, and has been a weight lifting enthusiast since 1996. But his true passion and purpose in life is being an animal rights activist. In addition to co-founding SWOARN, Adam is a Mentor with Animal Activism Mentorship, an organizer and street activist with Anonymous for the Voiceless, a co-organizer of Ohio Occurrence, and is always engaged in social media and other online forms of outreach.

Adam is first and foremost vegan for the animals. Follow him on VeganAd.am

Amanda Delzeith

Amanda is a financial specialist by day and an animal rights liberation activist 24/7. She has been standing up and amplifying the animals' voices as a mentor and organizer since 2017. After visiting a local dairy farm, she became vegan for the animals and decided that she had to get active fighting for them.

From organizing grassroots efforts locally to collaborating with large organizations, Amanda is relentless in fighting for the animals and helping others get active. As a co-founder of SWOARN, founder and co-organizer of Ohio Occurrence, organizer for Anonymous for the Voiceless and others orgs, and being a mentor with Animal Activism Mentorship, she helps those who want to get active for the animals meet their goals and get active. Visit her Linktree for more.

Amanda with Ed Winters
Amanda with vegan Jesus; Cleveland, OH
Ian being licked by a cow
Ian at ROAR; New Richmond, OH

Ian Combs

Ian Combs works as a sales engineer and Japanese interpreter, but his real passion lies in animal activism. He enjoys playing fighting games, studying linguistics, and watching and making films, and tries to incorporate animal rights and education on the horrors of animal agriculture. He seeks to do everything he can to get us closer to animal liberation and is always down to come out and support his friends (both human and non-human). He also REALLY loves cows!

Pamela on a walkway in a park
Pamela at a park; Ontario, Canada

Pamela Snow

Pamela spent the previous 26 years of her in and around the Air Force in various capacities, a life chosen from circumstances. From the beginning, her life was filled with many adversities. Because of this, she has always been able to see the very dark realities of humanity, which led her to the existential questions that ultimately brought about her humility.

Along this journey she began to question how humans regarded nonhuman animals as nothing more than lives for the taking and for exploiting. She sees this as one of many human ethical flaws. If it is wrong to inflict pain on a human being, it is just as wrong to inflict pain on an animal. Moreover, the lives of all animals, great and small, have value and are worthy of respect and compassion. Today she spends her time as an animal liberation activist.

Sabrina Gilmore

Sabrina has been involved in animal rights activism since making the connection in 2011. She works in the creative field and uses those skills to raise awareness about the plight of the animals. Her goal is to connect with other activists locally as well as internationally by co-organizing events such as Ohio Occurrence in order to grow and strengthen her activism network.

When there is time, she can be found thrift shopping, veganizing recipes, or disappearing into the woods with her camera. Follow her at @thankyouenjoy.

Sabrina believes that animals' lives are their right, and works tirelessly to see that vision through.

Sabrina holding a pig
Sabrina holding Brentley at ROAR; New Richmond, OH

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